Windows compatibility

CS Time is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012.

Automatic updates

The new licensing model includes automatic updating to new releases. These releases may include updates, fixes and new features.  No more waiting for your IT or support consultant to update your time and attendance software.

Category effect on Total

You can now split how a time category effects the Total column (+/0/-) for daily hours and payroll hours.

Category effect on totals

Archive shifts

Daily and payroll shifts can be archived. Hide old shift configurations which are not in use anymore.

Download reports

Download and install reports directly from CS Time Reports Website.


CS Time will remember which groups or items each user selects and the ones most often used will bubble up into the "Recent" section. All your favourites will be easy to select.

Custom Groups

Custom groups can be saved and used in scheduled reports and group lookups.

Save Custom Selections

Excel Import Wizard

It is now much easier to bulk import employees and clockings directly from Excel with real time mapping options.

Import from Excel

Shift Refresh

You can now update CS Time with any payroll shift, daily shift and macro changes without having to close the windows.

Refresh Shifts

Multiple Job Cards

Multiple cards can be used for the same job i.e. you can have multiple clocking stations which can use different cards to clock onto the same job.

Multi Card Jobs

GPRS Clocks

CS Time supports CS TimeClocks with GPRS communication. Now you can connect to clocks in remote locations via a mobile network. No fixed IP addresses are required.

Public Holidays

Public holidays are now visible on the rostering planners.

Public holidays in rosters

Bulk overrides

Overrides access control settings on your clocks for a group of employees. You can change time zones, lock clocks and change In / Out allowed options.

Bulk access overrides

Browse Windows

The browse windows have been updated with some new features:

  • All browses are customizable per operator.
  • The column orders can be set and columns can be hidden or unhidden.
  • Most browse windows have more columns available due to the new column hide/unhide ability.
  • Employee browse now supports company, branch, department, etc. descriptions in the list.

Impro Systems Integration

CS Time is directly integrated with the Impro database so no 3rd party applications is required to collect transactions or update information. All Impro and 3rd party readers can be configured as Payroll, Access and Job clocks within CS Time irrespective of their role in the Impro IXP software.

Watch a short video demonstrating the intergration.
Download a slideshow.

Web Cam Support

CS Time supports web camera integration for the CS TimeClocks to capture employee images when they clock.

Additional improvements:

  • CS Time has the ability to recover from lost connections across the WAN where the WAN link to the different sites are unreliable. This dramatically improves redundancy of accurate information generated by the software.
  • CS Time includes a much improved Roster system including analysis of planned vs. actual hours worked, employee costing using charge rates, on-the-fly shift start and end time editing and a payroll history tracker.
  • The communication engine CS Time Server can be run in application or service mode and can now be monitored from the web browser.
  • System performance is improved in general with added streamlined features such as archiving unused items.
  • Improved and upgraded report engine to support graphics and non-text based reports.
  • Optimized load speed for CS Time and Server module with improved backend support for SQL and Terminal Services.
  • Supports copy & past as well as drag & drop for Rostering and Leave Calendars.
  • Improved HR Module capturing detailed information such as equipment issued etc. and now supports scan and encrypt employee documents.
  • CS Time reports print faster and feature customizable fonts, colours and graphics.