100% compatible

The CS TimeClock range of clocks are also manufactured by CapeSoft and are therefore fully compatible with CS Time.  Just like CS Time their behaviour can be customised to your needs.

Clock Features

Employees can clock using a PIN, a proximity card or a fingerprint.  Fingerprint verification is possible using a PIN or proximity card.

Connect to CS Time via LAN, GPRS (a mobile connection); or download to and upload from a USB drive.

Add up to three cheaper child clocks as additional clocking terminals.

Employees can cross-clock between the clocks i.e. clock in at one clock and out at another.

CS Timeclocks

The clocks have up to three relays which can be used to trigger a siren or buzzer, or an electronic lock on a door or turnstile.

Each clock can have up to three readers - the built-in readers can be disabled to allow for external readers. External keypad, proximity and fingerprint readers are available to purchase.

The CS TimeClocks automatically updates their firmware from the internet. Regular backups of the internal database are also made to the internal storage as well as to a server on the internet.

Scripting using the Bundy language can be used to customise the clock's behaviour.

CS Time Support

The CS TimeClock fully supports the Time and Attendance, Access Control and Job Costing Functionality of CS Time:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Logs employee clocking times. Toggles between In and Out directions.
  • Clocking direction can be reset at midnight.
  • Supports an unlimited number of siren times.
  • Access Control
  • Employee Access Rights i.e. set where individuals or groups may or may not clock.
  • Employee Timezones i.e. you can specify when an employee or a group fo employees may or may not clock.
  • Anti-Passback - an employee is not allowed to clock in the same direction as the previous clocking.
  • Pathing - an employee must clock at one clock before he/she is allowed to clock at another e.g. the employee must clock out at his workstation before he will be allowed to exit at a turnstile or door.
  • Job Costing
  • Clockings at a specific clock can be classified e.g. all clockings made at a clock in the Kitchen can be linked to a department or cost centre.
  • Job or classification changes can be logged using a PIN or proximity card.