The HR module allows you to access employee information like contact details, dependant information, employee training, employment history, etc. from a central point.

Links to external documents makes it easy to organise and find the information at short notice.

Access to sensitive information can be limited by the operator’s login.

Record any disciplinary action taken against an employee, whether it is verbal or written. You can create offense and action codes according to your requirements. Record the date, witnesses, the hearing status, details of the offense and hearing and link any external documents to a disciplinary record.

Create a record for each piece of equipment (tools, laptops, software, etc.) that you may hand out to your employees to use. Each Equipment Issued record contains the date and time issued, the serial number, condition, by whom it was issued and when it is expected to be returned by. When the equipment is returned, record the date returned, to whom it was returned and the condition returned in.

Track employee promotions or changes in job descriptions. Create as many Position Codes as you like and record the employee notice period, probation period and contact status.

Some of your staff may receive training in specialized fields which requires re-certification every few years. Training records includes the result of the training, duration, location and the expiry date. You can also create a link to a copy of the employee’s certificate or to the course details.

Use the HR module to keep track of important documents related to any of your employees like driving licenses, passports, identity documents, etc. If you have scanned copied of these documents, just create a link to each. Keep any additional information on your employee under the Notes section.