Rostering allows you to easily manage flexible shift schedules or exceptions in your expected working hours.

Rostering is a free module of CS Time. It allows you to easily manage changes or deviations in your employees´ expected shift schedule or it can help you setup a shift schedule.

If you have to plan and setup your employee shift schedules on a regular basis, the Daily Roster Planner´s graphical interface makes it easy. Just right-click and select a shift from a drop down list or enter custom times. The planner will total the employees´ worked and planned hours for the period so you can easily see where an employee may possibly need to work overtime and where there might be other employees that can be scheduled to work in his/ her place.

You can drag and drop rostering entries in the 12 month employee calendar and the Daily Roster planner. You can also copy a roster to other dates or to other employees.

Using Custom Times you can also split shifts.