The core of CS Time is time and attendance. It´s easy to use with a large number of features to give you quick and accurate results

Employee management at your fingertips

See which employees are clocked In or Out by just viewing the list of employees: a green or red arrow indicates their current status.

View a single department or group or custom select employees, sorted by employee number, first name or surname.

Access individual employee clockings, hours, leave, rostering and HR information from the Browse Employees window.

Clocking times are collected from electronic time clocks to calculate employee hours according to predefined shift rules. Missing clockings can be added, clocking times can be removed or changed while a record of the original clocking date and time is kept.

Processed hours can be overridden or hours can be added or subtracted from the processed record. CS Time can be configured to require a reason for any manual changes or additions to the clockings and hours. An optional auditlog can track who made these changes and when.

Employee lateness, early departures, extended breaks and absenteeism are all tracked in CS Time by default. Custom warnings can be created to flag almost any type of anomaly. These warnings can be viewed on a 12 month calendar or even as graphs in certain versions. You can pull detailed reports or employee warnings for a group or per employee.

Record leave

Keep record of your employee leave to export leave hours to payroll or to allow TNA to correctly calculate overtime at the end of your payroll period. Leave can viewed and added on a graphical leave planner: view 12 months at one time for an individual employee or one month for a group of employees.

You can add to or change the default leave types. There is no limit to the number of leave types. Leave can be configured to be paid or unpaid and the leave colours are also configurable.

Import file formats exist to allow you to import leave records or balances from other software to eliminate capturing the same information twice. Leave information can also be exported to external software.

Rules can be configured to for example pay an employee his standard hours on a public holiday if he didn’t work; or pay the employee at a different rate if the employee worked on the public holiday. CS Time can also cater for public holidays in different countries / provinces /states.


CS Time ships with a large number of default text and graphical reports. Draw a report on something as simple as a list of the employees to a timesheet which lists the employee clockings, leave and hours for the selected period. Existing reports can be customized or new reports can be created by your CS Time supplier. Reports can be printed to a printer, screen, file or emailed as an attachment. You can print a report to a PDF, MS Word or MS Excel file. Reports can also be scheduled to be printed at specified times and dates – your supervisors can have their reports in their Inbox when they get into work.

A Send To button allows you to instantly create a report on the visible data in almost any open window of CS Time.

Export to payroll

Import your employee payroll hours into your payroll system in a matter of minutes. It is as simple as printing a report. CS Time can export to SAP, VIP, Pastel, Accsys, MCS, APay, Unique, Workforce, MYOB, chris21, Quickbooks, Wage Easy, Sage and QED to name but a few. If your payroll can accept a flat ASCII file, the chances are excellent that we can export to it.

Customizable shifts

Up to 25 time categories and 255 time rates can be created. With the job costing module CS Time can even cater for when your employees are paid different rates according to which department they worked in.

Pay your employees to the minute or round their clockings to, for example, the closest 5 / 6 / 10 / 15 minutes. Balance employee overtime i.e. fill an employee’s normal hours with overtime if the employee did not work his expected hours for the day. Deduct unpaid breaks automatically.

CS Time caters for night shifts, rolling shifts and it can even be configured to detect the shift worked automatically. Pay on day in or on day out.

What sets CS Time apart from other time and attendance software is that it is not limited to pre-programmed rules. Macro scripting allows hours processing to be modified to your requirements.


Access to personal information can be restricted according to the CS Time user’s login. Operators can be prevented from viewing sensitive HR information, changing clockings or hours, from adding leave and more. You can also limit an operator to only view a certain group of employees.