ZK Software has a large range of clocks that are compatible with CS Time.  This includes the IN01, F7, F9, iclock990 and the MA300.

Clock Features

Communication with CS Time is done via LAN, but clockings can also be imported using a USB drive. No third-party software is used with the clocks - CS Time has direct integration with the hardware.

CS Time supports all the clock models that uses fingerprint, RFID, barcode, magnetic cards, PIN and facial recognition for user identification.

For more information on the clock hardware, please visit the manufacturer website.

ZK Software clocks

ZK Hardware Engineer's Module

The ZK Hardware Engineer's Module was created for low level support of the ZK Hardware. 

Some of the main support features included in the utility are:

  • Setting the Fingerprint (FP) version.
  • Clearing data.
  • Getting / setting user info.
  • Remote enrolment of fingerprints.
  • Clearing the Super logs.
  • Back and Restore

ZK Engineer's Module

Download the utility for free.

Requirement:  ZK SDK dll's must be installed in Windows

CS Time Support

ZK Software has a large number of affordable and popular hardware solutions for time and attendance.  With the direct integration with CS Time, the client gets the complete solution with user friendly and flexible software that caters for complex shift requirements, access control and labour costing. 

CS Time will collect clocking transactions in real time giving you up to date information on exceptions and absenteeism.  It automatically processed employee hours and can export payroll data to a multitude of payroll packages.

For a full list of CS Time features, click here.

CS Time currently supports the following features of the ZK clocks:

  • Setting the time and date.
  • Collecting transactions / clockings.
  • Deleting clocking data.
  • Setting the device fingerprint algorithm.
  • Enrolling all 10 fingers on both fingerprint algorithms.
  • Fingerprints are distributed to other clocks on the fly at the first clocking.
  • Disabling an employee at termination.
  • Setting an employee's adminstration level.
  • Downloading / uploading employee fingerprints, RFID cards and employee passwords from and to the clock.
  • Importing clockings / transactions via a USB drive.
  • Managing data flow (clockings, employees and fingerprints) through LAN.
  • Duplicate clockings are dealt with in the form of INFO clockings and do not affect payroll.
  • Clocking direction can be set as IN / OUT / Toggle or shift based i.e. the clocking direction is determined by the expected clocking time and direction in the shift setup.